Skis are equipment for sports and learning that are child-friendly. Skiing is a popular sport all around the world and the sport’s popularity is on the rise each year. Skiers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from children to adults. Of course, people enjoy skiing very much. Once you experience the joy of skiing, then you will be addicted to the sport. Thus, choosing the best skis is a must, to enjoy this sport to the fullest.

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I remember when I first started skiing. My parents encouraged me to ski as soon as I started walking and I am very happy that they did. This opportunity has helped me become a good skier and relish many memories. It is better for kids to get started in skiing as early as possible. Kids may sometimes throw tantrums about this but it is better to encourage them to this sport. The earlier they learn the basics of skiing, the better they will be in the wrong run. Someday they may even appreciate your efforts!

SKIS For Children

Children tend to grow out of winter clothing. So buying the appropriate size is sometimes hard. Typically skis come in two types. One for children weighing less than 100 lbs and at least 47 inches tall and another for children who weigh at least 150 lb and are at least 60 inches tall. If you want your child to enjoy skiing during this coming winter, you will need high-quality ski equipment and gear.

Choosing the right and best ski for your kid is important. Remember that kid’s skis are very different from adult skis. They vary in size, flexes, waist-widths, and skill levels. Excluding high-performance powder skis and race skis, all kid’s skis are similar in appearance. Since there are many options out there and it is difficult to determine what to buy, we have narrowed down some of the best skis for kids that apply for different sizes and skills.

Basic Rules for choosing a set of Skis for your kids 

The basic rule for choosing a set of right skis is by determining the height of your kid. Junior skis are measured within the eyebrow and the chin as recommended since most children are weight and height proportionate.

If your kids have just started learning the sport or I mean a beginner, look for high-quality ski sets for them so that they can learn the sport more easily and safely. Or if they have started developing skiing skills, a chin-height ski, which is a bit shorter, will be more suitable for your kid.

If your kid is more developed than a beginner, a more advanced ski is needed. It is more likely that they can connect parallel turns and lean towards the longer edge of their ski up to their eyebrows.

Now, if you want to determine the size of skis that you will be needing for your kid, there is a well-known method for that by measuring your kid’s height in centimeters. For instance, if your kid is more experienced or stronger, subtract 10cm from their height. However, if your kid is a beginner or less experienced, subtract about 20cm from their height which will be measured in centimeters.

You must bear in mind that ski equipment mustn’t be high-performing for the kids to enjoy the sport. Ski equipment must be made of high-quality, lightweight, and durable material. Remember a bigger sized ski doesn’t exactly mean a better ski. Thus, It is necessary to buy appropriately sized skis for your kid keeping their height and weight measurements and safety in mind.

Volkl Revolt Jr 2020

Volkl Revolt Jr 2020

Volkl has created the mountain twin ski, Volkyl Revolt Jr. It is youth-oriented, playful, and powerful, in fact, this is an all-mountain ripper. This ski equipment has been introduced as the ultimate freestyle, tough and durable skis for kids. Also, this set of skis is very versatile all over the mountains and parks for its shape and tip-tail rocker design, making it suitable for all environments. Tip and rocker design allows them to operate with slope underfoot for traction in icy conditions. The tail type of these skis is the Full Twin type. Also, this ski is appropriate for all skiers from beginners to intermediate. This junior ski prefers skiers to powder run. This design is for the perfect edge hold-on-piste. 

The Volkyl Revolt Jr has a PowerShell and full sensor wood core. The full sensor wood core design features hardwood on the binding area. This has a durable construction with top sheet wrapping over the wood core. The base is DS F7501 Base. This impressive design ensures very enjoyable skiing characteristics especially suited for youngsters. The skis are flat and do not come with binding. Unfortunately, they don’t have mounting facilities. The turning radius of this skis is of short radius. The price of these skis is somewhat pricier than the average price of all other junior skis, making it the upper mid-range model. This ski set comes with a one-year warranty.

Size (cm)118128138148
Tip width (mm)106106106106
Waist width (mm)74747474
Tail width(mm)99999999
Turning Radius8.910.812.915.3
Individual ski weight(g)1035
  • Durable
  • A full sensor wood core
  • Tip-tail Rocker design
  • Light-weight
  • Pricier than the average junior ski
  • No binding

Armada ARV 84

Armada ARV 84

Armada ARV 84 is an entry-level all-mountain freestyle twin that features heavy-duty cap construction and 2.4 Impact Edge. This means this freestyle all-mountain twin is ready to take all sorts of abuse. You don’t have to worry about your skis when getting started in the parks and pipes or any mountain. The 2.4 Impact Edge is oversized and specially heat-treated which is built to resist any sorts of damage. The ARV will take abuse as much as you can which means it won’t break and also won’t break the bank. 

The Armada ARV 84 is one of the toughest out there. It will give you the joy of skiing to the fullest. It has a positive camber rocker design with a short turning radius. The traditional camber engages the tip and tail of the ski throughout the turn shape, making it easier, especially, to enter and exit the turn for the best edge hold.  Its 100% Poplar core ensures stability, ease, and power. The Poplar core delivers in all icy conditions for those looking for smoothness and consistency. Moreover, the laminate matrix has a directional layering of fiberglass that specifies flex pattern and torsional rigidity. The base is the S7 Base which comes with low maintenance and high durability. In conclusion, the skis are suitable for skiers from intermediate to advanced levels. The skis come with a two-year warranty.

Tip Width(mm)11211114
Waist width(mm)848484
Tail width(mm)105106107
Turning radius(m)16.517.518.5
Indiv. Ski weight(g)137515001575
  • Durable
  • Can take any sorts of challenge or abuse
  • Cap construction
  • 2.4 Impact Edge
  • Poplar Core
  • Laminate matrix
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • No bindings

Souphead SLR PRO

Souphead SLR PRO

The HEAD Souphead SLR PRO is a good choice ski to introduce your kids to freestyle skiing. The Souphead SLR PRO is a kid’s ski model with the most flexibility. This ski is best for skiers who love to play in the snow, in fact, it is perfect as a twin tip ski for kids and young people who like jumps and playful bills.  Stability and Agility are ensured by this ski’s twin-tip construction which helps kids ski smoothly in all directions on the piste. The tip and tail design, as well as the durable E base, are designed to resist wear and tear from park features. This design ensures that your kids have a wonderful time skiing and learn their first tricks in no time.

These skis withstand hard impacts, crediting to their strong bottom, durable top and front, and rear tip protection. The structured surface and robust base can resist any tricks the juniors throw at them. These skis are suitable for all skiers, from beginners to intermediate, and are suitable for all-mountain skiing as well. 

The Souphead SLR PRO is the launchpad that propels kids into the world of freestyle and fun park skiing. They are not difficult to ski and can adapt to any situation making it an ideal choice for beginners. It is suitable for 70% on-piste and 30% park. These skis include SLR 4.5 AC Bindings. In addition, this smooth and compromising junior model has a turning radius of 9.4 m in length 127cm. These skis prefer runs over fresh powder. Due to its medium-width waist, this ski is a good choice for skiers who like to venture off-piste from time to time. These skis are available from 87cm to 137cm.  This ski is roughly cheaper than the average price of junior skis, making it the affordable entry-level model. This ski comes with a two-year warranty.

  • Durable
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Twintip construction
  • SLR 4.5 AC Bindings
  • Camber Rocker type
  • Twin tip
  • Slow speed
  • Not very suitable for advanced skiing

K2 Poacher JR

K2 Poacher JR

With the same look and vibe as the K2 Poacher, K2 Poacher JR offers the same feel to the juniors. K2 Poacher Jr is the perfect ski for solid intermediate youngsters who want an all-mountain ski experience that can hit the park from time to time. Due to the lightweight and resilient Aspen Core and durable cap construction, these skis will offer the same stance and long-distance durability for those freakishly tall rippers with Dew Tour Dreams or X games podium. As the junior skiers test their ski speed limit, the full-length Aspen wooden Core adds a little power. The resistant cap construction is more forgiving than the full sidewall one, making it more forgivable when it comes to avoiding edge catch.  The K2 poacher Jr is priced cheaper than the average price of junior skis, making it the mid-range model.

The All-Terrain rocker of these skis has a rockered tip, camber underfoot, and a small amount of rocker in the tail for simple start and exit with grip on firm slopes. The All-Terrain rocker has a steady rise to the tip with great versatility. These all-mountain skis are flexibly designed for 50% on-piste and 50% off-piste. It is just the perfect ski for all intermediate skiers with the effort to ride at all speeds. These skis are also playful and agile enough for the kids to boost their confidence and keep progressing in learning new skills. These skis are recommended for junior skiers with good technical skills who want to sharpen their skills and explore the all-mountain/ freestyle ski experience. This full-height twin-tipped ski is designed for kids who want to break the velocity barrier. The Poacher Jr, being well-balanced, offers a consistent pop designed to handle all terrains.

The American brand K2 introduced the K2 Poacher Jr for the kids who love freestyle skiing. These skis, which give impressive accessibility, are a must-have if you want to grind the park rails! It is responsive to all icy conditions, helping the kids to progress in good ski skills in no time. The tips are broad and fitted with rocker zones that ensure proper buoyancy in the deep and improve the ski handling at turn entries. These skis come with FDT 7.0 Bindings and have a short turning radius of 10m. The available lengths for these skis range from 109cm to 149cm. It comes with a two-year warranty. The poacher may be stimulating enough to build up speed and fly off kickers but it is easy to master and boost skills quickly.

Tip width(mm)102102102
Waist width(mm)757575
Tail width(mm)969696
Turning radius(m)10
  • Full Wood Core
  • Full Height Twin Tip
  • All-Terrain Rocker
  • Best use everywhere
  • Not suitable for absolute beginners
  • Not very good grip as a clean piste ski

Salomon qst max jr

Salomon qst max jr

THE QST Max JR from the SALOMON’s All-Mountain Junior range is completely dedicated to youngsters. The Salamon QST Max JR is specially designed for adventurous kids who experience more terrain around the resort. It is a fantastic option for true beginner kids. The QST Max, perfect for all mountains, is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to ski on packed or soft snow. These skis boost confidence for those beginners who want to get off rentals and on to their first pair. This all-mountain ski is designed 50/50 for flexibility on-piste and off-piste. These skis are designed to take control of turns and speed easier. Moreover, its construction with core and Easyflex construction, make the control of turns easier.

The composite core provides an easy flex that makes the skis lightweight which is perfect for kids who have just begun to learn to ski. The skis are styled to fit the power and weight of kids with maximum fun and comfort. These skis use a number of impressive technologies that help young kids to boost their confidence and progress in ski skills. The skis are decorated with an all-terrain rocker that gives rise in the tip with an energetic camber through the underfoot, finishing with a partial twin providing versatility in a variety of snow conditions. The All-terrain rocker helps the young skiers to adapt to all snowy conditions which is the perfect combination of precision and flexibility.

The GST Max JR is a fantastic choice for new junior skiers. These skis come with C5 Bindings that provide a quality setup to progress with skills. These skis are designed with many other notable technologies such as its automatic wing adjustment or last elastic pedal that makes it a high-performance and practical ski model. In addition to that, these skis automatically adapt to the standards of all types of junior and adult bases. The ski’s monocoque construction is a single structural layer of fiber designed for comfort, response, and maneuverability. The skis feature tail and tip protector Increases ski longevity that keeps skis good-looking even after intense use. They are cheaper than the average junior skis, which makes them an affordable entry-level model. The skis are available in length ranging from 130cm to 140cm. These skis come with a 2-year warranty.

Size (cm)100110120
Tip Width (mm)101105108
Waist Width (mm)666768
Tail Width (mm)82.58689
Turning Radius (m)789
Indiv. Ski Weight (g)640
Indiv. Ski + Binding Weight (g)1250
  • Tip and tail protectors
  • All-Terrain Rocker
  • Monocoque Construction
  • Composite Core
  • Versatile and forgiving
  • Not very ideal for absolute beginners

Fischer stunner jr

Fischer stunner jr

The Fischer Stunner Junior Ski is a versatile choice for beginners. It is indeed the perfect entry-level ski model for kids who are ready to try out their first tricks, and playful and fun, designed for the all-mountain experience. It is a lightweight, handy and forgiving set of skis that helps your kids pick up their first tricks. These skis feature a twin tip, lightweight core, rocker profile, glass fiber network, and Tyrolia FJ7 AC bindings. The Freeski rocker profile makes it easier for beginners to ski on edge with enhanced mobility by lifting the contact points off the snow. The fiber tech construction of the ski ensures improved durability without adding extra weight to the skis which give much-controlled skiing. The FJ7 AC bindings ensure the efficiency of the skis. These bindings are light that is suitable for any beginner or intermediate skiers.

The Fischer Stunner JR skis are responsive and forgiving. The stunner is slightly wider than the average entry-level junior ski, thus it performs well as an all-mountains and off-piste ski for young daring skiers. These skis are easy-going skis for absolute beginners to first-time park riders which are perfect for all-terrain and a solid performer outside as well. These skis use a super light combination of cap construction for a forgiving flex with good edge hold and pop the Airpower technology for easier turning. Also, this lightweight construction makes the stunner predictable in the terrain park and easy to spin and slide rails. These bindings come mounted to the ski and can be adjusted according to your kid’s boot size.

The Fischer stunner is a perfect choice for a kid’s first pair of skis. These skis are lightweight, thanks to their synthetic body with carbon fiber reinforcements, and have a textured surface that repels wear and tear on Ski surface. It has 78m underfoot and has an early rise rocker for easy turning. In Addition, These skis have a short turning radius of 14m. This junior ski aspires to perfectly groomed runs over fresh powder. These skis are priced cheaper than average junior skis, which makes them mid-range skis. These skis come with a two-year warranty.  The available lengths range from 81cm to 121cm. Due to its medium-width waist, this junior ski is also ideal for riders who like to undertake off-piste from time to time.

Size (cm)141151161
Tip Width (mm)113113113
Waist Width (mm)787878
Tail Width (mm)999999
Turning Radius (m)14.514.514.5
  • Entry-level ski
  • Lightweight, versatile
  • Tyrolia FJ7 AC bindings
  • Synthetic core
  • Cap construction
  • Airpower technology

Atomic punx jr

Atomic punx jr

The Atomic Punx Jr is an outstanding ski for kids who want a park-inspired all-mountain ski. The atomic Punx comes in two categories is the Atomic Punx Jr 110-130 which is recommended for kids aged 5-8 years and the Atomic Punx Jr 140-150 which is recommended for kids aged 8-12 years. These skis are super maneuverable which makes it easy for the kids to learn new skills. A full foam desolate core keeps the punx ski lightweight and dampens vibration for easier skiing. The skis have full cap construction that gives easy handling and tough durability of the skis. These skis have a full mountain rocker profile that is 10% tip rocker and 90% camber/ flat tail and is built for beginners to advanced-level skiers.

These skis are killer skis for beginner kids who want to ski like  Jossi Wells and Elias Ambüh and also for advanced skilled kids who want to become X games champions of tomorrow. This ski is designed with impressive technologies such as its foam Densolite core, full cap construction, atomic base, atomic edges, structured top sheet, directional shape, and all-mountain rocker profile. The full foam Densolite core is agile and it diminishes vibrations for an effortless skiing experience. The structured top sheet increases the ski’s durability and gives a high-quality finish. The high-density atomic base gives speed on any snow condition.

The Atomic Punx Jr is exactly what you need when stepping up to rails and jibs. If you are looking for skis that develop your kid’s skill in the park and handle getting up on its edges on the front side be sure to grab the Atomic Punx Jr. skis. These skis come in 2 sizes, make sure to choose the appropriate one for your kid. The atomic edges are made from steel that is five times more resistant which is best for stronger grip and strength. These skis have partial twin-type tails and a short turning radius and are much cheaper than the average price of junior skis that makes them an affordable entry-type ski model. These skis come with a two-year warranty.  The available length of the skis ranges from 110cm-150cm recommended for different age categories.

Size (cm)110120130140150
Tip Width (mm)99106122122
Waist Width (mm)78808585
Tail Width (mm)9198112112
Turning Radius (m)10.714.216.219.6
  • Densolite core
  • Structured top sheet
  • Atomic base and atomic edge
  • Full cap construction
  • Directional shape
  • Not perfect for advanced skiers

K2 juvy

K2 juvy

When it’s time to get your kid’s own skis, K2 Juvy is an excellent choice. These skis have lightweight composite cap cores and durable bomber cap construction that makes these skis dependable and won’t break the bank. These skis are designed for ambitious and adventurous kids who try new tricks in the park and pipes. K2 Juvy junior ski is, in fact, a good twin-tip ski recommended for the aspiring little ones of your family. Twin tips are versatile and most fun for kids who want to pick up new ski skills. The K2’s All-Terrain rocker will allow this ski to perform at all ability levels with added versatility and ease in all snow conditions. The All-Terrain Rocker is 20% Tip Rocker, 10% Tail Rocker, and 70% Camber. The ski has many notable technologies, especially, the Directional Taper Sidecut.

The All-Terrain Rocker features an elevated tip for variable and soft snow performance with camber underfoot for power, energy, and edge-hold in firmer conditions. The Catch-free Rocker effortlessly initializes turn at slow and moderate speeds with a gradual rise in the tip and tail.  The Juvy has very attractive graphics that are very popular among kids. The main target of the construction of these skis is developing young skiers. Be it beginner or advanced, skiers have a lot to learn, they might ski fast or have other problems, these skis help to boost the confidence of the youngsters. These improve the performance of the skis in the forward direction and also make a slightly different arc when skiing switch. The cap construction of the skis is lightweight, durable, and softer than wraps the core and internal material with the top layer of the ski.

The K2 Juvy Junior skis are a recommended killer ski for any beginner park rider who wants to be hitting bangers and rail. These skis are perfect for intermediate skiers. The K2 is a bit narrow-waisted but it utilizes the same technologies found in the adult high-performance twin-tip skis. The DuraCap skis are lightweight and forgiving. They absorb the impact of hard landings. These skis have 100% composite cores that are much softer and lighter than the wood cores making them easy and fun to ski. This ski is very smooth and forgiving. This twin-tip tail makes it perfect for grip on-piste. The available lengths for the skis range from 109cm to 139cm. This ski is cheaper than most junior skis, making it a mid-range ski model. These skis come with a one-year warranty.

Size (cm)109119129139149
Tip Width (mm)100100100100100
Waist Width (mm)7575757575
Tail Width (mm)9696969696
Turning Radius (m)12
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • DuraCap construction
  • 100% Composite Cores
  • Directional Taper Sidecut
  • Narrow for powder skating

Blizzard Sheeva Team Girls

Blizzard Sheeva Team Girls

If you are looking for a pair of skis that your kid won’t grow out of in one season, then the Blizzard Sheeva Team is a good choice. The Blizzard Sheeva is designed for young girls who want to make the jump to the next level. These skis are available in 140cm, 148cm, and 150cm lengths. These skis are designed for younger girls and smaller adults who are looking for more manageable and forgiving skis. With 90mm waist width, these skis can handle it all, with a more forgiving approach that is suitable for new skiers looking forward to developing new skills. The Blizzard Sheeva is a playful ski and it empowers girls who want to explore the mountain as their playground. These skis tick all the right boxes and shine for those who want versatility at any type of terrain.

This is a freeride ski for young girls that has a bamboo/iso core, W.S.D shape concept, and a titanal DRT that gives stable speed without making the skis hard to control. These skis have a soft and uniform flex that helps the little legs to stay strong, so the girls can keep skiing until the last lift. These skis give a stable approach than an overpower one. They are just perfect for off-piste that runs perfectly in deep powder and can also be ridden on groomers from time to time. These skis come with a rocker/camber/rocker profile that makes these skis easy to handle and keeps your girl floating regardless of snow conditions.

The Blizzard Sheeva is a great ski for your strong youngsters who are ready for an all-mountain versatile experience for any type of terrain. The tail initializes turns more easily and smoothly while the camber underfoot grips tightly to the snow. This ski has a short turning radius of 12.5m and can handle all the abuse. It is like the adult version without metal but with a graphite base. These skis come with Blizzard IQ7 Bindings and Lite core that consists of bamboo and isocore that is strong and lightweight. Blizzard Sheeva team girls feature Carbon Flipcore D.R.T that increases the playfulness and decreased torsional rigidity for a more weight-ignoring forgiving approach. These skis are priced lesser than the average junior skis, making it a mid-range ski model. Moreover, they come with a one-year warranty.

Size (cm)140148156
Tip Width (mm)118.5123
Waist Width (mm)9092
Tail Width (mm)108.5113
Effective Edge (cm)12.513
  • Forgiving and playful
  • Bamboo/iso core
  • Titanal D.R.T( Dynamic Release Technology)
  • Graphite base
  • W.S.D shape concept
  • Not ideal for absolute beginners

Armada ARW 84

Armada ARW 84

The ARW 84 from the American brand Armada is one of the coolest entry-level skis that you are looking for. This ski is an entry-level freestyle all-mountain twin which is fun, lightweight, and amazingly easy to ski. The Armada ARW 84 features heavy-duty cap construction and a 2.4 Impact edge that makes this ski tough and durable in the park or hitting all over the mountains. These skis are tough and can absorb unlimited heavy use. This ski is designed for all skiers starting from beginners to intermediate. It is the perfect learning tool for young kids who want to ski like a pro. This ski is effortless and also can be ridden at any speed with ease and comfort.

These skis are some of the toughest and durable skis available out there. These skis give a lightweight feeling, thanks to the rigid 100% poplar core. The poplar core ensures stability, ease, and power and performs well in all snowy conditions with smoothness.  This ski is more of an off-piste ski preferred for deep powder. Furthermore, the skis have the traditional rocker type which is the positive camber that engages the tip and tail through transitions in turns with ease. To sum up, this is a full twin-tip ski that makes it extra fun.

The Armada ARW 84 is a simple ski with many impressive technologies. The 2.4 Impact edges, S7 base, Laminate matrix, Poplar core, Camber rocker, and cap construction are the notable technologies that have made this simple ski a strong competitor. This ski has 2.4 Impact edges and an S7 base that ensures durability and low maintenance of the skis and can resist any hard challenges. The Pop-lite core made from lightweight wood, adds much strength to these awesome skis. The laminate matrix is a directional layering that determines the torsional rigidity and flex pattern to make a more forgiving and comfortable ski. Also, these skis have a short turning radius. The ski is available in lengths ranging from 142cm to 163cm. The skis come with a two-year warranty. With so many impressive features, the Armada ARW remains a dedicated freestyle ski ensuring fun, comfort, smoothness, and durability.

Size (cm)142149156163
Tip Width (mm)120120120120
Waist Width (mm)84848484
Tail Width (mm)109109109109
Turning Radius (m)13.514.515.516.5